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BRTA Membership

The BRTA Bylaws identify two types of members:

  • Regular Member: A person who pays the annual dues of the Corporation as fixed by the Board of Directors.
  • Honorary Member: A person who has made an outstanding contribution to the Corporation and has been granted such membership by the Board of Directors.

These members are of the same membership class as the Bylaws do not identify any differences in rights.

Membership Dues

Membership dues shall be a contribution of $20.00 or more to the Border Route Trail Association. Paid service trip fees are considered a contribution to the BRTA and therefore make the participant eligible to be a member of the BRTA. The membership shall be in effect for one year following the completion of the service trip or the date a contribution other than service trip fee, is received by the BRTA. Purchasing a product from the BRTA, such as the Border Route Trail Guide, shall not be considered a qualifying contribution for membership.

Membership Benefits
    Quantifiable Benefits:
  • 20% discount off current individual retail price on Trail Guides.
  • Voting eligibility for all general membership votes.
  • Eligible to run for BRTA office.
    Intangible Benefits:
  • Support of the maintenance of the BRT by the BRTA.
  • Support of the BRT PR efforts by the BRTA.
  • Support for the BRTA as primary BRT user group in relations with the USFS, NPS, and MN DNR plus other trail related organizations and government bodies.