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Trail Maps

GPS Data

BRT.gpx: GPX file of gps coordinates of the Border Route Trail including spurs and campsites. The trail is subject to change at any time and there is no guarantee that the GPS coordinates will accurately represent the actual location of the trail or campsites at the time of your hike. People have reported difficulty with importing this file into Garmin software. We are working on creating a file that will work with Garmin software.

BRT-USGS-GPS.jpg: (3mb) Part of the GPS data from the above file overlaid over USGS quad map data. This map is not suitable for navigation purposes.

KML Data

These files contain the information displayed on the map on this page. They can be viewed using Google Earth.

Paper Maps

The Border Route Trail Guide contains detailed topographic maps along with information about camp sites, side trips, scenery, and natural features. The NCTA has a BRT hiking map set that can be ordered online from the NCTA Trail Shop. Printed maps with GPS coordinates of the trail are also produced by Fisher Maps and McKenzie Maps, available at many outdoor stores and outfitters.

Additional Files